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We get a fair number of phone calls about Internet cafes and/or Internet access from hotel rooms. We don't run any Internet cafes and do not provide service to any hotels. So, you need to dig deeper on the Internet.
Have you always wanted to be a banker? We get some phone calls from Southerners looking for MainStreet Bank... friendly people and we enjoy talking to them. But what they really want is or (770) 786-3441.
Tired of higher priced brokers like... well, we can't really say, can we? But if you came here looking for MainStreet Trading they are at or 800-748-5083.
Confused about a charge on your phone bill from Main Street? You can click here for information.
Looking for information on a software package related to Mary Kay sales? Click here for information.
Play bingo? You may want
MainStreet News, in Northeast Georgia, is

And, in the "just trying to help" category, here is current information on solar activity:

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