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The Internet MainStreet, Inc. maintains space inside secure facilities in downtown San Jose where we have clean, continuous, power and cooling, remote hands, and access to many fiber carriers.

We have two Internet connections (three physical gigE), one of which is our primary feed while the other is a pure backup.

All bandwidth is fairly rapidly expandable given demonstrated demand.

Customer equipment is mounted on four-post racks. Small servers like the old Cobalt series and Sun Netra X1 are easily front-mounted. Larger servers will need customer-supplied rails. We have a couple of the Dell-style square-hole racks too.

We provide co-located customers with a 100baseTx switch port, on a VLAN, with default route pointing at an HSRP'ed IP address served by two routers, each with full, independent, Internet access (one primary, one pure backup). Dedicated router ports are also available on an individual case basis.

Rates, per month:

 $25 per rack unit used (1.75 vertical inches)
 $10 per switch port
 $10 per power port
 $20 per amp (measured at run time)
 $10 per serial port (for console connections)
 $85 first Meg bandwidth
Additional bandwidth:
  $85/Mbs for traffic over 1Mbs
  Commit to 5Mbs:   $375 + $75/Mbs for traffic over 5Mbs
  Commit to 10Mbs:  $650 + $65/Mbs for traffic over 10Mbs
  Commit to 20Mbs: $1100 + $55/Mbs for traffic over 20Mbs
per month, 95th percentile measurement using max(in,out).

For example, a 1RU server with one power supply, pulling 1.5amps, using one ethernet connection and no serial port, would cost:

25 + 10 + 1.5*20 + 10 + 85 = $160
Two of these servers would cost:
2*(25 + 10 + 1.5*20 + 10) + 85 = $235
For our T1/T3 connected customers, the bandwidth component is typically zero, as it is considered to be part of the ongoing T1/T3 service. So, the above examples drop to $75 and $150 respectively.

We recognize that these rates are not attractive for anything but a small installation. This is by design as, past a certain point, we would prefer you arrange for your own space (cabinet(s) or cage) from the data center operators (CRGWest). For Internet transit, CRGWest wil install a cross-connect to us from anywhere in the building, or from their nearby Valley Exchange facility, for a very modest fee.

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