We have received more than a few emails and phone calls from all around the USA concerning an item appearing on individual phone bills that is tagged with the name Main Street.

We are not the MainStreet referenced on your phone bill. As best we can determine, there is a company called MainStreet Telephone Company, as referenced here with the text:
  Note** Network services are provided by MainStreet Telephone
  Company. The underlying carrier service provider is MainStreet
  Telephone Company. Charges will appear on the USBI portion of 
  your local phone bill.
Following the USBI reference, we have also found this site with a form here that may get you the information you need.

One helpful reader (Mrs. Bomblatt), sent us her story:

I called the phone number for Mainstreet Telephone which appeared on my bill (1-888-478-8724). After an initial conversation with one individual, who asked for the date of the charges, I was transferred to another individual who informed me that the charges were for a calling card ordered by "X" (an individual in my household who doesn't remember anything about this). They told me that "X" entered an online request for a telephone calling card with a credit of 400+ minutes and a chance to "win a dream vacation." I informed him that none of us in my household had any knowledge of this order. He immediately, and courteously, asked if I would like the order cancelled. Of course I said yes. He then told me the order had been cancelled and a full credit would appear on my next telephone bill. Although he didn't offer it, I requested a confirmation number before I let him finalize the call.

We thank Mrs. Bomblatt for taking the time to write to us.

Long distance telecommunication companies file form FCC 499-A with the FCC to enable the FCC to properly follow through on queries concerning long distance carriers.
Using this search engine we found:
 499 Filer ID Number:                820135
 Registration Current as of:         04/02/01
 Legal Name of Reporting Entity:     Main Street Telephone Company
 Doing Business As:                  Main Street Telephone Company
 Principal Communications Type:      Toll Reseller
 Universal Service Fund Contributor: No
 Holding Company:                    
 Registration Number (CORESID):      
 Management Company:                 
 Headquarters Address:               200 Ithan Creek Ave.
                 City:               Villanova
                State:               PA
             ZIP Code:               19085
You can file a complaint with the FCC here or by calling 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322). The filer ID (820135) should probably be mentioned in your correspondence with the FCC, although there is the slight possibility that the above filer is not the company responsible for the charges on your phone bill.

We hope this helps,
The Internet MainStreet, Inc.